Python Errors

How to Fix the Python Error: typeerror: 'str' object does not support item assignment

People come to the Python programming language for a variety of different reasons. It’s highly readable, easy to pick up, and superb for rapid prototyping. But the language’s data types are especially attractive. It’s easy to manipulate Python’s various data types in a number of different ways. Even converting between dissimilar types can be extremely […]

How to Fix the Python Error: no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

One of the best things about programming in Python is the language’s sheer scope. The language is capable of advanced math, complex string manipulation, and even working with those concepts over the Internet. This has made Python an ideal choice for Web scraping. Python’s libraries make it easy to load raw data from the web […]

How to Fix the Python Error: nameerror name pd is not defined

Pandas is one of the most well-known Python libraries for data manipulation, analytics, and similar math-related functionality. The library’s combination of fame, power, and versatility makes it an easy choice for Python coders who are interested in pushing the language to the limits. But, at the same time, using a complex new library often brings […]

How to Fix the Python Error: valueerror: cannot reindex from a duplicate axis

Third-party libraries are one of the best things about Python. The programming language brings a lot of powerful options even in its default state. But third-party options like Pandas and NumPy open up a wide variety of advanced mathematical functions. Even better, those options are fully integrated into Python’s easy-to-use syntax. However, there are instances […]

How to Fix the Python Pandas Error: typeerror: empty 'dataframe': no numeric data to plot

Python has some powerful functionality. But perhaps its biggest strength stems from the fact that it can be so effectively built upon with 3rd party libraries. A wide variety of additional libraries are available which can add advanced functionality to your Python code. However, some of these libraries extend the functionality so far that error […]

How to Fix the Python Error: attributeerror module pandas has no attribute dataframe

Python’s math and data-related libraries have a lot to offer. They combine advanced mathematical functionality with Python’s highly readable and easy-to-use syntax. However, new libraries can also create new error messages. This is especially common when first getting acquainted with libraries like Pandas or NumPy for the first time. One of the most common examples […]

How to Fix the Python Error: runtimewarning: overflow encountered in exp

The NumPy library adds a wide variety of math-related functions to Python. But that additional power also comes with some potential pitfalls. There are a number of error messages which people will see for the first time when using NumPy. For example, the runtimewarning: overflow encountered in exp warning. What Does the Error Message Mean? […]

How to Fix the Python Error: modulenotfounderror: no module named 'plotly'

Python is an incredibly powerful language. It combines easy-to-use syntax with some expertly designed data types. It even provides some impressive speed benchmarks when compared with other languages. But perhaps the most impressive thing about the language is the extent to which it can be extended with additional libraries. Math-related libraries like NumPy, Pandas and […]

How to Fix the Python Error: valueerror: length of values does not match length of index

Python is an unquestionably powerful language. And one of its strongest points comes from the fact that it’s so easy to expand its capabilities with 3rd party libraries like NumPy and Pandas. Both of these libraries, alone or in tandom, add advanced mathematical capabilities to Python. But this can come with some unanticipated difficulties. Powerful […]

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